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October 31, 2014

Unbelief - who has an excuse?

"There is no one righteous, not even one" (Romans 3:10)

Paul is quoting here from Psalm 14. No one deserves life with God!

1. Whatever happened to the moralists? Romans 2: 1-11 considers the 'upright.' But, against GOD'S standards, they are as guilty as any (v.11).

2. Whatever happened to the naturalists? Romans 2: 12-16 depict those who operate, not by the revealed Jewish law of old, but 'by nature', through God's law written 'on their hearts.' They are not judged by the light they WEREN'T given, but by the light they DID have access to.

3. Whatever happened to the legalists? Romans 2: 17-24 describes those who mistakenly equate HAVING God's law with KEEPING it.

4. Whatever happened to the Ritualists? Romans 2: 25-29 portrays those who treated their external observance of religious ceremonial as their eternal passport... BUT (v. 28,29) what is happening INWARDLY?

5. Whatever happened to the hedonists? Some argue (Romans 3: 1-8), 'If all this religious stuff is useless in itself, in bringing us to God, then just enjoy yourself - don't do any good at all (v. 8)!

6. So whatever happened to the whole human race? Romans 3: 9-20 lays it on - 'that every mouth may be silenced, and the whole world held accountable to God' (v. 19).

The whole world is under judgment, but the message of the book of Romans is that Christ, by His Cross, has borne our judgment - if we will but trust and follow Him as universal Saviour.