Monday, 29 December 2014

Giving Birth to a Book

THE INNER PROMPTING that caused me to put together ‘The Goodnight Book’ originated in part as a result of two major hospital operations that I was required to undergo, together with the passing of my wife Liz – all in the space of about fifteen months.  In much of that time I had little inclination or energy for serious reading. But ‘thoughts’ were coming at me from a lifetime of Scripture reading, and these were enough to keep my spirit alive until such time as my appetite grew again – and my desire to write once more was renewed.

It is not that ‘The Goodnight Book’ is geared especially to those enduring ill health or sorrow.  Whoever you are, the approach of evening brings to every man and woman at the end of the day an opportunity for review, and for regrouping – and that is the aim of  the book’s nightly readings.

At one point I rang my publisher, William Mackenzie of Christian Focus Publishing: “I’ve done a hundred and twenty-three of these one-page chapters,” I reported, “How many more would you like?”

“Stop!” he ordered. And that was it.

If this book helps you along yourself, consider sending it to a friend for birthday or for Christmas. It may be a useful stocking-filler!

I would be so pleased.  It will be on the Christian Focus website: