Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Foundations of a Nation

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11: 3)

The uprooting of old-time values, corruption in high quarters, the advance of unbelief, the rise of tyranny; it was little different when David the psalmist was living - under threat from King Saul.  So what CAN the righteous do, when foundations are being rocked?

1.  Stand firmly – don’t get isolated

David turns on those who were urging him (v.1) to ‘flee like a bird’ from the pressures – to a mountain escape.  True – it was ‘the upright in heart’ (v.2) who were the prime target of beaurocratic evil …. but David would stay involved!

2. See clearly – don’t get short-sighted

The true ‘foundations’ of human society can never be ultimately identified as its achievements, its circumstances, or as the twists and turns of its fortunes, and David knew this.  In our own day, petrol prices, education, the economy are but the scaffolding of a nation – and we dare not confuse scaffolding with Foundations!  To do so is to lose the main plot completely.  The Psalmist sees – above all – the Lord on His throne (v.4-6), examining, ruling, judging.  It is THAT Foundation that can never change.  Political leaders and Heads of State who think in this long-term way are the best assets a nation can ever have.

3. Live uprightly – don’t get intimidated

It is the ‘upright’ who live in God’s ‘righteous’ way (v. 7) who will see His face.  Don’t cave in, then, keep going!  Such people, by their prayers, their lifestyle and their godly service have more influence on the true foundations of a nation than anyone else around.