Monday, 18 May 2015

A power that breaches prisons

Peter therefore was kept in prison; but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him (Acts 12:5 KJV)

Yes, heads were getting cracked right and left. Stephen and James had both been eliminated from the company of Jesus’ apostles; now it was Peter, the Rock man, who had got clapped into a top security wing under heavy guard. The story ends well with the angelic intervention, the snapping of the prisoner’s shackles and the freeing of Peter – whereupon

He heads straight for the church prayer gathering.

The Covenant of Prayer

Prayer was central to the church’s life; there was an agreement about it – ‘We are going to pray!’ The tyrannical Herod Agrippa thought he had disposed of the early church by incarcerating its leader…. but prayer brings God into the arena! Your church…. your fellowship – do you have a prayer meeting? If not, begin a covenant among yourselves, this very week!

The Community of Prayer

A tingling sense of expectancy characterises the church that prays. Church worship, fellowship and outreach become irradiated with the presence and power of Christ himself when prayer is recognised as the most important activity of all! It is a great thing when Christ’s people learn of some distant event – or of a Christian in prison – and pray.

The Combustion of Prayer

When Peter gets to the prayer meeting, the members were ‘amazed’…. a masterly understatement! Peter’s arrival fairly lit up the prayer meeting that night. Typically, we are invariably surprised. We find ourselves gasping – ‘Why –He actually heard MY prayer!’

The church that prays will be in for shocks!