Friday, 29 May 2015

We only know God – by the Trinity!

For through him, we…. have access to the Father, by one Spirit (Ephesians 2:18)

Even this one Bible sentence alone is enough to revolutionise our whole approach to religion – and finding God! Here is open access – a way through - from Earth to Heaven! It has been authorised by the loving plan of One we now call THE FATHER; achieved by ‘Him’ – whom we know as Jesus THE SON; and activated by the inspiring work of THE HOLY SPIRIT within the life of a believer.

This one sentence from the letter to the Ephesians shows us that we are not bound by formal definitions, correct phraseology or statutory procedures when entering the holy presence of God. In former times, pagans and others were frantic in their attempts to attract the attention of the gods…. and not to offend them by getting their names wrong!

And then we come to the three Persons in the one God – each with their own function that makes access in prayer possible – described in terms of a family relationship.

In certain eastern and middle-east belief-systems, God can only be perceived as remote and inscrutable. Gigantic, yes - but aloof and unapproachable; you cannot get near him! Any revelation given is never of him disclosing himself – but largely of required duties that are laid down, and set prayers to be recited. He is massive – but far away.

In traditional panthesistic belief of ancient Africa, God was identified with Nature, with hills, rivers and sacred trees. In such a case God is conceived of as being quite close to the worshipper – but oh, so small!

Through the historical event of Christ becoming human and dying for our sins, the great and true God has brought Himself within tangible reach of those who receive His Spirit…. and strangely without shrinking Him!

Accept what the blessed Trinity has done for you and now… PRAY!