Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Dilemma of Thomas

“I am the way, the truth and the life”   (John 14:6)

These words were given by the world’s greatest Teacher in answer to the question posed by one of His twelve disciples, Thomas.  It has been the quest of millions of people.

The Greek thinker Plato was so massive, that all future strides in western thought were later described as a series of ‘footnotes to Plato.’  Yet even Plato was forced to acknowledge, ‘The Father of the world is hard to discover, and when discovered cannot be communicated.’  The same insight has been acknowledged by devotees of other belief-systems - that the deity they seek to worship reveals nothing of his true nature and character; only the commands he insists must be obeyed.  

When it comes to ‘finding God’ there seem to have been as many ways devised as there are people.  In Katmandhu there are more gods than people, and more temples than houses.  In the face of such plurality, is there a single, convincing system of thought that can point the way through – and unite humanity?

The contention of the Christian faith is Yes – but that we are utterly reliant upon the revelation made directly from heaven in the Person of the God-Man, Jesus Christ.  All we need to do is acknowledge that we have been on the wrong road, and then by faith join that divine Freeway by a slip road that is marked ‘Calvary’s Cross.’

And there is no other way, for Jesus told Thomas, “No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Be encouraged!  Though Christ is the one road to the Father, there are many roads to Christ – and people all over the world, by the hundreds and thousands daily are coming to Him, from a mass of different languages, dress codes, personal circumstances and religious backgrounds.  And some from complete atheism.