Monday, 17 December 2018

VESSELS UNTO HONOUR - fit for the Master’s use

We would wish this to be the New Year Motto for the two of us – Richard and Pam Bewes – as 2019 opens.  The words are taken from the Bible; from the New Testament letter of Jesus Christ’s apostle Paul to his apprentice Timothy, leader of the Christian church at Ephesus over two thousand years ago.

Paul was comparing the church to a large household – filled with articles for every use – prominent and otherwise – for the use of the owner, the master of the house! 

The vital characteristic of every article - or ‘vessel’ – however, was that it should be clean, and purified for use.  This is how we read it in the old, the King James version of the Scriptures.  Read on!

"If a man therefore purge himself…he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet (‘fit’) for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work"  
(2 Timothy  2: 20-21).

Here’s a more modern quote – this time from an Australian church leader, Alf Stanway.  He was speaking at the opening of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Pittsburg, California:

“If other people knew you, like God knows you; all your faults and all your thoughts, all your sins, all the things in your heart that have been there, all the wrong thoughts that you’ve ever had, would they trust you with the kind of work that God trusts you with?

“Here is the supreme confidence that God has in his own grace. He’ll take the likes of you and me, and give you the privilege of being His servant.  He’s got to take people like you and me. He has no others.”

Hey … that’s pretty well enough to round off at least the beginning of a New Year motto … for anyone!  It’s enough to motivate us both … to be fit for the Master’s use over the next twelve months!