Book by Book

Book By Book

It is one of the joys of our life - Paul Blackham and myself - to invite an international Christian guest to join with us for some on-screen Bible study! Here you see us with Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham. 

The only necessary qualification - the guests have to know their Bibles really well, because the programmes are not scripted at all; nor do we hold any kind of rehearsal. Naturally each of us will have studied the Bible book that is to be featured, but once we get together, we jump straight in! A 15-minute programme - that's enough by way of a start. Then - whether it's a house group, a student seminar, a mid-week church Bible School, or simply some personal study in front of a screen, the invitation is there for some follow-up group study, with Paul Blackham's study guide that accompanies each video or dvd. 

No training is needed to put together your own swinging house group study! Just stick the kettle on, slap the programme into the machine, find the study guide with its suggested passages and questions, dig our those Bibles - and the whole thing runs itself. 

Like to have a look at the materials on offer? Just move over to the website where the whole thing started - at All Souls Church, Langham Place. Click on Book by Book